Our Story

Our Story

About ShoppingBoss

ShoppingBoss represents the maturing of “Brick and Mortar Internet-assisted commerce” (a phrase we’ve proudly coined!) In plain terms, we’ve taken the promise and excitement that online-deal/coupons offered in the past, and turned it into a service that pleases both shoppers and retailers.

  • Shoppers love us because we’re easy to use, without coupons or “you have to buy this particular model to save”. In other words, there are no strings attached. You simply shop at stores (or eat out) like you always have, yet ShoppingBoss gives you up to 15% in the form of cash back. This is on top of any sales or deals.
  • Retailers and Restaurants love us because we bring them interested, real customers. ShoppingBoss members are coming in to actually shop or eat like they normally would (and are not just there for the coupon or deal of the day). And members are motivated to shop or eat at their stores by earning cash back from ShoppingBoss.

The Old Way:

Retailer or restaurant offers a (money-losing) coupon deal, hoping to spur business. Droves of bargain-hunting shoppers come in, buy just the coupon item, and leave. The retailer or restaurant is underwhelmed.

The ShoppingBoss Way:

ShoppingBoss provides members cash back on all of their shopping or dining through participating merchants. Since ShoppingBoss members are real customers, the retailer or restaurant benefits from new loyal patrons.

Who Becomes ShoppingBoss Members?

One reason prolific national retailers are so enthused to work with ShoppingBoss is our membership. There are generally only two ways to become a ShoppingBoss Member:

  1. An employer offers a ShoppingBoss Membership as an employee benefit.
  2. ShoppingBoss Memberships are sold as a fundraiser.

That’s it – we don’t advertise to the general public. So our members are exactly the types of consumers retailers really want coming through their doors.

So there you have it. Either you already have an invitation code, which you can enter here, or you are interested in one. If that’s the case, just become a ShoppingBoss partner.


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