ShoppingBoss is Really Easy to Use

How it Works

How it Works

You’re already shopping. Why not get paid to do it? Join ShoppingBoss and earn money simply by making your regular purchases here. Shop the same products at the same stores and get cash back.

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Go “Brick and Mortar” or online shopping at any participating ShoppingBoss retailer or dining establishment. Buy (or eat) anything you want – even sale, special, or clearance items.


Get Digital Card

Before paying the cashier or checking out, purchase an instant digital gift card on your iOS device, Android device, or any internet browser.


Choose the Amount

This can be for a custom amount, or a fixed amount. The digital gift cards come straight from the merchant, and are instantly delivered to your smartphone device (it takes about as much time as writing a check.)


Pay w/ Digital Card

Pay the cashier or checkout with the digital gift card sent (it’s as good as cash to the merchant).


Enjoy Cash Back

A predetermined amount is given back to you immediately as cash back. This is deposited into your ShoppingBoss account, and can be used on your very next purchase (or saved up and used when your balance gets bigger.)

What people say:

I joined in August and earned over $1,000 in cash back by December. No joke! It’s going to be a great Christmas this year! Now I’m saving my cash back to pay for a Disney trip.

Marie Q.

Albuquerque, NM

Mary's Example

Mary goes to Aéropostale where ShoppingBoss pays members 9% cash back. She buys $152 worth of merchandise. At checkout, she buys a Aeropostale instant digital gift card for $152 through ShoppingBoss, and pays with that. $13.70 is immediately deposited into her ShoppingBoss account.

On her way home, she meets a friend at Chili’s, where 6% cash back to ShoppingBoss members is also available. When the bill comes, it’s $43.14 after tip. Mary buys a digital gift card for $43.14, but this time, she chooses to use her cash back already earned. So it only costs her $29.44 (since she had $13.70 cash back from Aéropostale), plus she earns $2.59 from her Chili’s visit for future ShoppingBoss use.

In essence, Mary purchased $195.14 worth of goods and services, but it only cost her $178.85. Just like that. She didn’t have to buy “certain” items - just shopped and ate like she always does. In fact, half the items she bought at Aéropostale were on sale, and lunch was an advertised special.

And yes, we do all of the math, and can automatically credit your earned cash back to your next gift card purchase. No figuring anything out on your end. You just buy digital gift cards for the amounts you wish.

Conversely, you can keep your “cash back balance” and let it grow. Then, use it on one big shopping trip to really feel like you hit the jackpot! Either way, using ShoppingBoss is a major win for you.

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