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Your Workout Anytime membership entitles you to FREE access to ShoppingBoss. 

You can earn cash back on your every day purchases – an average of 6% cash back on top of any other rewards you receive from your credit or debit card, plus coupons and sales.

Using ShoppingBoss is simple. Watch our short tutorial video to see how it works, then use your Workout Anytime case sensitive barcode found on your keyfob as your invitation code to register for FREE.


Frequently Asked Questions



We are excited about this program, and our members are too. One member in Alabama sent us a screenshot of the cash back earned through ShoppingBoss in their first WEEK! $19.62 - enough to cover one month of their membership. 



We are happy to help you with your ShoppingBoss account. The fastest way to reach us is via email at support@shoppingboss.com as we monitor this 24/7. We can also be reached at 844-818-9912 M-F, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST.

You can access our User Guide here

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