Dunkin' Donuts

dunkin standard.png

Dunkin' Donuts digital gift cards are now available!!! You can now earn cash back in addition to DD Perks by paying with a DD digital gift card from your ShoppingBoss account. 

How do I add a DD digital gift card to the DD App?

  • Tap Reload
  • Tap Manage Cards
  • Tap Add DD Card
  • Tap Yes, then copy & paste your gift card number and PIN, then tap Next
  • Select a Design, then tap Next
  • Success! Your DD gift card is ready to use from the DD App!

Receive offers and discounts on your favorite items, points with every purchase, plus extra treats and goodies just for being you when you join DD Perks for free. 

Please note: reloading your Dunkin' Donuts digital gift card through the DD App will not earn cash back. A new digital gift card must be purchased through your ShoppingBoss App to receive cash back.